Book Review : SKIN BB Easton

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Skin - BB Easton

oct 16-21

Because BB Easton had so much fun writing her bestselling, award-winning memoir, 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, she decided to give each of her four men his own steamy standalone. SKIN is Knight's book—a gritty, taboo, forbidden love story based on true events.

In 1997, Ronald “Knight” McKnight was the meanest, most misunderstood boy at Peach State High School...perhaps on the entire planet. Knight hated everyone, except for me, BB—the perky, quirky punk chick with the locker next to his. 

I, on the other hand, liked everybody except for Knight. I was scared sh*tless of him, actually. All I wanted was to marry Prince Eric-lookalike and king of the Peach State High punk scene, Lance Hightower, and have a million of his babies. 

Unfortunately for me, Knight was even better at getting his way than I was, and once he got under my skin, my life would never be the same.

Book Review : Ive been curious about Knight since reading 44 chapters about 4 men and he's a bit crazy and somehow BB attracts the attention of Knight who is one crazy motherfucker but he has a soft side he only shows to BB they have a kinda crazy friendship turned relationship . BB has a thing for this punk guy Lance hightower who I kinda sensed was gay and that was true but BB was trying to get this guys attention he ends up giving her drugs once in the bathroom which was kinda weird . Her best friend Julliet is dating this fucking asshole who sells drugs and Knight ends up punching him and Tony threatens BB with making her pay him Julliet turns out to be pregnant. Knight and BB have some good moments but then there aren't some good times Knight ends up Killing a guy they break up BB is heartbroken she meets another guy who she tries to hook up with but Knight shows up and they stop seeing each other also but Knight is going into the army she gets her licence and she meets a guy working on cars his name is Harley he is the next book can't wait to read it . 

Quotes :

The next time some motherfucker makes you cry, you don’t say you’re sorry. Do you understand me?” His voice was quiet, but firm. I nodded and blinked rapidly. “You don’t get to be sorry.” I nodded again, looking at his mouth. His eyes were too intense. “Next time, you kick him in the fucking balls.”

Clearly no one had seen this boy smile before, because if they had, they’d be spending the rest of their lives trying to make him do it again.

Pressing his forehead against mine, Knight said, “I love you, Punk.” “I love you, too, Skin.


How to Choose a Basement Contractor

When deciding to renovate you home, you need to really shop around to fin the correct home renovations expert. If a Basement renovations is required certain detail need to be checked before choosing the contractor. The Cost of doing a basement renovation can vary from as low as 15,000 to as much as 100,00 or more. It’s important to know what it is you want. You may want custom built ins or a home theatre. A wet bar can add thousand to the cost ect.

Choosing the right home contractor for your basement renovations is the important choice you will make in this process. Here are some thing you MUST check:

Check for references of recent completed work , including ask to see a finished basement of previous work in person
Look at their portfolio of recent work, online and photographs – ask about cost of specific work done on portfolios to ensure you are looking at the same level of finish.
Get a binding quote , ensure that unless you change the scope of the projects that there will be no surprises on the job and the price will not increase.
Ask what the payment schedule is ? 25% upfront 25% in the middle 50% on completion.
Ask if there will be site supervisor on your job all the time Or just subtrades? Will the clean up every day after finishing current work?
Figure what the ceiling height will be , will they have to have lower areas due to pipes and heat vents?

What will the layout look like and can this be changed? its important that the layout of the basement work well for you. You don’t want bedrooms beside home theatre or bathroom in weird spot. There are lots to consider when re-doing a basement.
Check online for any bad reviews about the home renovator , see they are on yelp , or Houz . Check their Google My Business page for reviews.
10 Ensure they are part of the better business Bureau – look for A to A+ rating.

Meet with a home decorator to ensure you pick out the right colors and finsishings to complete the renovation. Buy good Quality Carpet and underlay.
Basement renovations or any Home renovations can be extremely stressful and expensive , ensure you choose the right contractor and do things right the first time so you can enjoy your basement for years to come.

Let and expert basement renovations company based in Calgary Alberta take care of all your questions and more. HomeFix is a privately held Calgary home renovations, home redevelopment and investment management company. We redevelop and invest in single family residential, multifamily and mixed-use properties with a primary focus on urban revitalization projects. Our goal is to enhance the communities we invest in, while creating vibrant, high-quality environments for people to live, work, shop and relax.

Conceived with a mission and inspiration to blending creativity, masterful architecture, integration with the natural environment. In each of our projects, whether existing buildings or ground-up new developments, we seek to create quality environmentally friendly projects, that will serve and inspire future generations.

How To Post Your Resume

Craigslist is a free alternative to those job sites that charge you to post your resume. While we generally encourage you to craft your professional military resume for the specific job opening rather than take a scattershot approach, people with specialized, in demand skills can catch the eye of an employer searching the craigslist resume postings.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to post your resume on Craigslist is that you may be leaving yourself open to the possibility of identity theft or other problems. Because of its size and built in anonymity, Craigslist has been used successfully by criminals and scammers to ruin lives through identity theft, financial fraud, and rumor mongering.

Whether replying to a job posting or posting your resume for prospective employers to review, it is prudent to provide a limited amount of information. Include a way to contact you and a short explanation of your background rather than your full resume. If you catch an employer’s attention, you can send your resume to them directly once you are comfortable with their credibility.

Here’s how to post your resume or career synopsis on Craigslist:

  1. Prepare your resume and save it as a Microsoft Word file or another common format. Better yet, create a synopsis that omits personal information like dates, companies you worked for etc. that could benefit someone intent on highjacking your identity. Instead, list your skills and greatest achievements as measurable demonstrations of what you have to offer (“increased holiday website sales by 125% through an innovative ad campaign”).
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the geographic location where you want your resume displayed. First, choose the state on the right hand side of the page, and then on the next page choose the nearest city. If you recently visited your local craigslist site then your browser may default to that and you won’t have to choose the location.
  4. Click on “Post to Classifieds” in the top of the left column. Then click on “resume / job wanted” on the next page.
  5. Log in – or create an account if you don’t have one, then log in. Verify your phone as directed (if you’re asked to do so), then click on “continue posting”.
  6. Choose a catchy “Posting Title.” Write a brief headline that describes your greatest achievement, skills or abilities in the “Posting Title” box. Think in terms of an ad title that will catch the reader’s eye – but don’t go overboard or stretch the truth.
  7. Enter a “Specific Location”. This would be where you live, or where you want to work. This is not a required field but can alert employers who want someone local.
  8. Copy and paste your resume in the big text box called “Posting Description”. Make sure it’s formatted nicely, looks neat and is easy to read.
  9. Include your e-mail address in the box for it under the large text box for the resume.
  10. Select contact options. We suggest the “reply to” option that keeps your email address anonymous.
  11. Click “Continue” to preview your posting. Click on “Edit” to make any necessary revisions (remember, the formatting must be perfect – no typos, grammatical errors or formatting errors). Click “Continue” when your resume posting is perfect.
  12. Verify your posting by typing the letters you see into the box (just as you see them, including caps). Read and agree to the terms.
  13. Check your e-mail for a message from Craigslist. Click the link contained within the email. Save this email, as you will need it to delete or edit your posting.
  14. Publish your posting. Review your resume one last time and click “Publish” once you are certain everything is perfect.

Important Tips

Save the email you got from Craigslist. You will need it to edit or delete your posting.

You can only post to one category in one city every 48 hours.

There is a check box during the submission process that reads, “OK for others to contact you about other services, products or commercial interests.” That is essentially an invitation for spam, so leave it unchecked.

Limit your posting to just one region.

Craigslist can be an important asset in your job-hunting arsenal. Just be careful to protect your personal information and watch out for employment scams.